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Everyone’s making everything up
There is no one in charge except for those
Who pretend to be
No one is coming
No one is going to
Rescue you
Mind read your needs
Know your body better than you
Always fight back.

Ask for it
Say you want it
Cherish your solitude
Take trains by yourself to places
You have never been
Sleep out alone under the stars
Learn how to drive a stick shift
Go so far away that you stop being afraid of
Not coming back.

Say no when you don’t want to do something
Say yes if your instincts are strong
Even if everyone around you disagrees
Decide whether you want to be liked or admired
Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out
What you’re doing here
Believe in kissing.

—Eve Ensler, I am an Emotional Creature (via feellng)

A long time ago I learned not to explain things to people. It misleads them into thinking they’re entitled to know everything I do.

—Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You (via feellng)

Top 30 Author on Author insults.



30. Gustave Flaubert on George Sand

“A great cow full of ink.”

29. Robert Louis Stevenson on Walt Whitman

“…like a large shaggy dog just unchained scouring the beaches of the world and baying at the moon.”

28. Friedrich Nietzsche on Dante Alighieri

“A hyena that wrote poetry on…

You find my words dark. Darkness is in our souls, do you not think?

— James Joyce (via drunk-on-books)

He wanted to cry quietly but not for himself: for the words, so beautiful and sad, like music.

—James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. (via hobbyhorsical)

Her lips touched his brain as they touched his lips, as though they were a vehicle of some vague speech and between them he felt an unknown and timid pressure, darker than the swoon of sin, softer than sound or odor.

—James Joyce (via missvoodoodoll)

(via missvoodoodoll)


Birisi barışı başlatmalı, tıpkı savaşı başlattığı gibi.
                                    stefan zweig


Birisi barışı başlatmalı, tıpkı savaşı başlattığı gibi.

                                    stefan zweig

Unhappiness makes people vulnerable …

Stefan Zweig, from Beware of Pity (via litafficionado)

One’s emotional state is always determined by the oddest and most accidental things, and it is precisely the most superficial factors that often fortify or diminish our courage.

—Stefan Zweig, from Beware Of Pity (via violentwavesofemotion)